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Pekin Public Schools District 108

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  • Each employee shall be paid on a twice monthly basis (i.e., the 10th and 25th of each month) beginning with the August 25 pay perid and shall be paid in twenty-four (12-month) equal installments.

    All payroll shall be in the form of direct deposit via electronic medium with paper documentation. 

    See Article VII:  Compensation and Fringe Benefits of the contract for more specific information.  Please contact the Business Office with any questions.  309-477-4744 (extension 1022)

Insurance Information

  • Pekin Public Schools District 108 offers all full-time employees the eligibilty to enroll in the District's health and dental insurance plans.  Full time employees are those required to work 30 or more hours per week.


    Click here to find out more about eligibity, enrollment and plan benefits.


Insurance Information

  • Insurance Plans and Eligibility


    Pekin Public Schools District 108 offers all full-time employees the eligibility to enroll in the District's health and dental insurance plans.  Full time employees are those required to work 30 or more hours per week.


    You may also enroll your eligible dependents, your lawful spouse, and/or your dependent child(ren) under age 26 (age 30 if military) and/or your disabled adult dependent.


    The District offers two available health insurance plans, PPO-1 and PPO-2, and a dental insurance plan.  If you are enrolled in the District insurance, you will have a medical plan and the dental plan.  We do not offer just medical insurance or just dental insurance.  All plans are through United Healthcare of River Valley.  Plan details are included below. 

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  • Open Enrollment


    Open Enrollment Month:  May

    Plan Coverage Year:  July through June


    Elections made at the time of open enrollment will remain in effect until the end of the next June.


    Any changes must wait until the next open enrollment period unless you have a "Qualifying Life Event."  With a qualifying life event you have 30 days from the date of the event to make changes to insurance elections.  Contact the Business Office for enrollment changes or terminations.

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  • Qualifying Life Events


    The following events qualify our employees to make changes to their insurance elections:

    • Change in Status:  Marriage, divorce, legal separation, annulment, or death

    • Change in Number of Dependents:  Birth, death, adoption/placement for adoption or dependent reaching limiting age

    • Change in Employment Status of Employee, Dependent, or Spouse that affects that individual's eligibility

    • Change in Employee, Spouse, or Dependent Coverage on Spouse's plan durint Spouse's Open Enrollment Period


    It is your responsibility to notify the Business Office within 30 days of the Qualifying Life Event for coverage changes and to turn in the required enrollment paperwork.

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  • UHC Online Accounts


    You may sign up for an online account with United Healthcare at www.myuhc.com.  To register, you will need your policy number and member ID number.  These are both located on your card. 


    With an online account, you can

    -find network doctors and facilities

    -view plan benefits

    -view Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms

    -view deductible and out-of-pocket amounts paid to date

    -request new cards

     The networks are the same for both PPO-1 and PPO-2.

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  • www.myuhc.com


    Health Plan
    United Health Care of River Valley


    Dental Plan



    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    Group Plan Solutions (GPS)
    Healthcare FSA
    Dependent FSA

    Click here to see more information.


  • Choice Vision Care Plan

    Bard Optical's Preferred Provider Discount Vision Care Plan

    Acuity Advantage Elite Plan
    Hometown Optical - 2113 Court St - Pekin
    All About Eyes - 5116 N Big Hollow Rd Ste 103 - Peoria


    Colonial - Supplemental Insurance
    Unland Companies 309-347-2177 - Ask for Travis

    Click here for your available voluntary insurance benefits.


  • Contact Caty Campbell, Payroll/Accounting Coordinator
    309-477-4744 ext 1025

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