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Math Resources

Math Curriculums

ISBE Scope and Sequence - click on K-5 units; also click on the LiveBinders link for formative assessments and lessons (below High School.)

EngageNY - Choose a grade level in the left menu to find lesson plans and assessments. They are downloadable and editable.

Math Talk Resources

Article from Math Solutions: How To Get Students Talking!

Children's Literature to Support Math Concepts

Books and Topics from Marilyn Burns sorted by grade level and math concepts

Extensive list from Christchurch City Libraries organized by math concepts

As Easy as Pi: Article by Marilyn Burns with math picture book titles and how to use them

The Best Children's Books for Math a great website with over 150 math picture book titles. The list is divided into 15 different broad math topics. Click on each book cover for a summary, reading level, awards won and sample pages. 

Board Games, Card Games and Tools to Support Math Concepts

List of Games - Games located in Starke LC are highlighted

Resources for Math Tools (from Bridgette and Willow)

Building Number Sense (from Bridgette and Willow)

General Math Resources

Technology and the Common Core- presentation by Angie Arnold

Teaching Channel: a video showcase - on the Internet and TV - of innovative and effective teaching practices in America's schools. Not just for math, but for any topic related to teaching practices.

NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics): lesson plans and resources to support CCSS. Some resources require membership to access but many do not.

Illuminations: more resources for teaching math from NCTM; lesson plans, activities, web links

K-5 Math Teaching Resources: collection of lesson plans, games and activities sortable by grade level.

Inside Mathematics: lots of videos and tools for educators to support CCSS

Math Solutions: lessons, "explain it to me" videos, Marilyn Burns resources

Math Landing: resources and tools for math teachers

The Mathematics Common Core Toolbox: tools and instructional materials to help implement CCSS

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium:updates and sample problems related to assessments aligned to CCSS

Teaching Channel Videos (Videos are marked with approximate intended grade level and sorter from lowest to highest grade. Many videos have content applicable to additional grade levels.)

Beyond Right Answers: Math and the CCSS: All grades; Sarah Brown Weisling explains the CCSS and offers insights on how to implement the Core in classrooms across America. (Shown at Starke March SWIP).

Elementary Math - How Do They Do It in Hungary?: Gr. K-5; See how Hungarian schools approach elementary mathematics with a significant focus on proper mathematical language and manipulating concrete objects

Giving Efficient Directions - Sometimes Less is More: All grades; Give students the freedom to solve problems independently

Assess and Plan with Exit Tickets: All grades; Use exit tickets to assess learning and plan future lessons

Let's Count! Learning Numbers in Multiple Ways: Gr. Pre-K-K; Teach about counting and ordering numbers in multiple ways

Quick Images - Visualizing Niumber Combinations: Gr. K; Use quick images to identify combinations of 8 (best done in latter part of K)

Mingle and Count - A Game of Number Sense: Gr. K; Practice counting by forming groups based on a given number

Counting Objects and Ordering Numbers: Gr. K; Kindergarteners count and order numbers with and without a number line

Counting Collections to 100: Gr. K-2; Count and add within 100

Differentiating in Math Using Computer Games: Gr. K-2; Use technology to practice addition and subtraction

Skip Counting with Counting Collections: Gr. K-2; Record strategies when skip counting by 5s and 10s

Popsicle Stick Math - Making 10: Gr. K-3; Learn about combinations of 10 by counting popsicle sticks

Wake Up Brains with Skip Counting Songs: Gr. K-3; Practice skip counting with songs and movements

Silent Signals in the Math Classroom: Gr. K-5; Communicate learning with silent signals

Making Math Fun with Place Value Games: Gr. 2; Make learning fun and incorporate practice with games

Sharing Strategies for Counting Collections: Gr. 2-3; Record and share strategies when skip counting

Third Grade Math - A Complete Lesson: Gr. 3; Plan and implement meaningful math routines

Group Dynamics in Third Grade Math: Gr. 3; See how a few changes create a collaborative environment

Talking About Math - Sharing Strategies: Gr. 3; Share solutions and mathematical thinking

Third Grade Math Routines: Gr. 3; Use a variety of daily math routines

Third Grade Mental Math: Gr. 3; Use the strategies of decomposing, jumps of 10 and splitting

Persistence in Problem Solving: Gr. 3; Increase student confidence using multiple problem solving strategies

Graphing with Colors: Gr. 3; Find colored squares around the room and then create a bar graph

Discover Number Patterns with Skip Counting: Gr. 3; Look for patterns when counting by 200s

Reasoning about Division: Gr. 3-5; Develop an understanding about the meaning of division

Reasoning about Multiplication and Division: Gr. 3-5; learn how multiplication and division work together

The Iditarod and Math: Gr. 4; Calculate elapsed time and distance using real-time data

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