Preparing for the Transition to EJHS


With the start of a new school year in a different school, it is normal to feel a sense of apprehension and uncertainty about what lies ahead.  The counseling department wants to assure you that the year ahead can be one of great excitement and opportunity in many ways.  This year will be what you make of it.  The following are 10 simple suggestions to assist you in making this school year positive and productive:


First, familiarize yourself with the school.  Ask to be taken on a tour and get to know some of the secrets to navigating the school environment.


Second, come to school prepared both physically and mentally each and every day.  If you can take care of these two areas, you can then more effectively manage any social/emotional challenges you may have about adjusting to a new school.


Third, do not be afraid to ask questions. Remember. . . there is no such thing as a stupid question.  The staff and other students at Edison Junior High School are likely experiencing some of the same thoughts and emotions you are having about starting at a new school.  We are all in this TOGETHER!!!


Fourth, consider getting  involved in some form of extracurricular activity (e.g. sports, clubs, organizations, etc.)  By doing so, you are able to meet new people and you are allowing yourself to grow socially.  To find out what extracurricular opportunities are available to you, contact your guidance counselor, teacher, or one of the building administrator.


Fifth, make positive choices each and every day.  From doing your homework to interacting with the other students and school adults in a respectful manner, it is critical that you make the most of your time at Edison Junior High School.


Sixth, make sure you identify and connect with at least one adult in the building who can help you to manage your school year.


Seventh, surround yourself with positive peers.  By doing so, you are putting yourself in a position to make positive choices, not only socially, but also academically.


Eighth, keep yourself organized.  Keep your assignment notebook up-to-date and check in with your teachers if you find yourself beginning to fall behind.


Ninth, establish a daily routine.  This includes planning your day from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night.


Finally, have fun and take pride in your school!

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