2014-2015 Professional Development Classes

These classes will meet for a total of 4 hours, with a 1 hour independent assignment to be completed between each 2 hour session.  You must commit to the full 5 hours of work, in order to receive credit.  Credit will be given in the form of "seat time".  A total of 15 hours of "seat time" equals 1 hour of credit on the salary scale.  Partial credit will not be given. All classes meet on Mondays from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.

Class Descriptions:

Read Aloud Across the Day:  Opportunities to Engage Students in a Meaningful Way
This class is designed to provide teachers with different opportunities to read aloud with students for specific purposes and at different times within their daily routines with an emphasis on how poetry doesn't have to wait until April to be a part of instruction.  The class will give teachers the information and tools to begin reading aloud across the day in a meaningful way.  Instructors:  Traci Peters, ISSL and Stacey Melloy, Faciliatator of Advanced Literacy
April 13 and May 11

Collaboration:  Special Education and Regular Division Classroom Teachers Working Together for the Benefit of All
Anne Risen, Director of Special Education and Julia Spanos, Special Education Coordinator will present information on collaboration between general education and special education teachers for the benefit of all students.  Topics will include suggestions for communication, accommodations/modifications of curriculum and the classroom environment, co-teaching, and strategies to serve the needs of students with special needs in the general education setting.

March 9th and April 27th

Challenging Behaviors and Positive Behavior Management with Children with Autism
Dr. Stacey Jones Bock, Ph. D and Katie Smith, M.S. Ed. from the Department of Special Education at Illinois State University will present information on how to identify and implement strategies and interventions to support the complex needs of students with autism and related disabilities.  Topics discussed will include the characteristics of students with autism, visual and environmental supports, and various behavioral interventions that are practical for any teacher to implement in the classroom.
February 9th and March 30

Reading Processes and Instructional Strategies

The focus of this class will be analyzing miscues of struggling readers to help design instruction to meet the students needs.  The process of conducting and interpreting miscues with struggling readers offers a window into the reading process. The information presented will be based on the Advanced Literacy Assessment and Instructional Strategies course offered by ISU.  Instructors:  Sarah Leith and Carolynn Diekhoff

This class meets on November 17 and January 5. 


In District 108, we have developed a systemic way to collect and analyze data at the district and school level for the purpose of continuous improvement.  What can you learn from all of the data you collect?  Starting with our first round of benchmark data, we will begin looking at the data collected, discuss how to analyze and dig deeper in to the data, and how our data warehousing system (Data108) can make data analysis doable.  Instructor:  Angie Arnold

This class meets on September 8 and October 20.


This course will share how teachers can differentiate in response to learner's needs through the design of respectful tasks, flexible grouping and ongoing assessment and adjustment.  Participants will be asked to participate in discussion, practice and reflection related to differentiation and their own instruction and classrooms.

Instructor:  Traci Peters

This class meets on October 6 and November 3. 

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