iPad2 Information and Resources

New  iPad as the Teacher's Pet Infographic

April 2013 - All About Apps Infographic


Use the iPad40 Listserv to send messages to the entire group. 

Use the forum to share ideas with the district.  Posting to the Forum for iPad40


Finding and Evaluating Apps

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - iPads in the Classroom

Apps in Education - 1000 Recommended Apps

Learning in Hand - Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps

edtechteacher - 21st Century Learning
The iPad As.....Reader, Creator, Student Response System, Classroom Manager, Study Tool, Organizer, and Differentiator

Sources for Education Apps

iPad Apps and Resources - SPED Training in November

Redefining Instruction with Technology - Education Week Teacher Article


Tips and Tricks - Cheatsheets

Getting to Know the iPad2 - PowerPoint

iPad Apps Websites and Tutorials

Setting up Your Apple ID Account

Creating/Validating Your Apple ID - district email

Home Button Covers - BubCap

Directions - How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iOS Devices

Useful Tips and Tricks for iPad2

Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Connecting your iPad to a Projector (in our current SMARTBoard classrooms)

iPad Scavenger Hunt


Apps - What do we have installed in District 108?

List of Apps for Principals

List of Apps Installed for iPad40

List of Apps Installed on all LC iPads

List of Apps Installed on all PFEC Teacher iPads



Quick Start Guide


Dropbox and Evernote




ShowMe and Educreations

ShowMe Lessons http://www.showme.com/

Educreations Showcase http://www.educreations.com/#showcase


iMovie, Comic Life, DerManDar, WolframAlpha

How to use Comic Life: http://comiclife.com/education

How to use Dermandar: http://www.dermandar.com/

Take the tour of Wolfram Alpha:  http://www.wolframalpha.com/tour/what-is-wolframalpha.html

Wolfram Alpha for Educators:  http://www.wolframalpha.com/educators/

How to use iMovie: http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/


 Requirements for iPad2 Recipients 

1. Attend initial overview and training at one of two offered training dates.


2. Attend one spring user-group meeting (after school).


3. Participate regularly in online user-group (wiki, blog).


4. Participate in end-of-the-year survey feedback.


5.  Share information with other building staff members on the use of iPads in the classroom.  (Staff meetings, SIP Days, or possible lab classroom scenario)


Full participation is required in order to keep the equipment assigned to you. If you can no longer fulfill the obligations, the equipment will be reassigned to another staff member through the application process. The iPad will remain district property, but will be assigned to you until such time as you are no longer employed by the district and/or you do not adhere to the requirements of the equipment agreement. You will have opportunities for training and support, along with ideas on how to incorporate the technology in to your classroom.


Application questions

Rubric used to score the applications

List of recipients


If you have any questions, please contact Angie Arnold or Cathy Stephens.