The 3Rs (Respect, Responsible, and Ready) is a school-wide proactive approach that is geared towards creating a positive learning environment that is conducive to each student reaching his or her full academic, social and emotional potential. Its objective is to create an encouraging and safe atmosphere at Edison Jr. High School through the teaching and modeling a positive attitude and behavior.  To reinforce positive attitude and behavior, the ROCKS Code curriculum is taught during the first two weeks of class during Enrichment and Advisory.  Also students are given an opportunity to practice the 3Rs.

 A key part of the 3Rs curriculum is proactively teaching expected behaviors.  The 3Rs can be found in the Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook, distributed at Meet the Team night.

It is the expectation that all Edison Jr. High School students will practice the 3Rs when they walk through their front door in the morning until they reach the front door after school.  The 3Rs expectations are also to be utilized at all extracurricular activities (e.g. concerts, games, etc.).