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  • District Resources Assignment

    Posted by Angie Arnold on 2/1/2016

    Choose one of the following resources:

    • World Book Online
    • Discovery Education Streaming
    • netTrekker


    Create an assignment for your students that uses an aspect of the program that you have not used before.  Example, if your students have not done research before in netTrekker teach them how to search for appropriate sources.  If you have not set up a Quiz in DE Streaming, set up a Quiz for your students to complete.  The purpose is for you to extend your experience in using these resources in your classroom.


    Before our next meeting, submit the following information in our online forum. 

    • Your name and grade level/subject area you focused on for this assignment.
    • Which resource did you choose to use?
    • What was the assignment you gave to students?
    • What was the overall experience like for your students?
    • What are the pros and cons of using this resource in this way?
    • Would you recommend this to another teacher? Why or why not?
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