Resources - iMovie, YouTube and Videolicious

  • Typito is an easy to use, online video editing website.  Upload your video clips, add titles, music and more through the easy to learn tools.  Export your video directly to your YouTube channel or your computer.  
    iMovie is an easy to use, touch based, video editing app for iPad.  It allows the user to create professional looking movies, incorporating video, photos, music, and sound effects.  You can also create realistic movie trailers 
    Educational Applications:

    Digital Storytelling (scriptwriting and storyboarding)

    Recording special educational events

    Create Short Documentaries/Tutorials

    Capture and Assess Oral Readings

    Create and Record a Newstory

    Create a Movie About Proper Classroom Behavior

    Create a Book Trailer

    Create a Techno-Tale (digitally told story)


    YouTube - Google owns YouTube so your district user account will also allow you to login to your YouTube account.  Create your own channel and upload student work.  See video below for information on making student work private.


    Videolicious - great videos in seconds!  Create student projects on the iPad, upload to YouTube and you can create a playlist to share with others.  It's a great way for students to share what they have learned.  Students can record themselves and cut to a series of images and videos.  Background music is also available to add even more interest to the vidoe.  The free version has a limit of 60 seconds per video.

    Educational Applications:

    Short documentary or "news clip"

    Book reviews

    Field trip documentation

    Chapter summaries

    Public service annoucements

    Science lab recaps

    Vocabulary explanations

    An introduction to your classroom from former students (open house)



  • PhotoSync - use photosync to move pictures from one device to another (you can purchase this app in the App Store) 

    Example - pictures saved to a network drive moved to an iPad

    Both devices have to be on the same wireless network to make it work, but it is easy to use and requires no training.