About Our School


C.B. Smith School will inspire and prepare students for success by creating a warm and welcoming environment that builds positive self-esteem and respect for all learners.


We will inspire our students by:

*Demonstrating high standards

* Providing opportunities for success

* Showing enthusiasm for learning


We will prepare students for success by:

*Encouraging progress and praising efforts

* Recognizing their strengths and building upon them

* Developing lessons that are engaging and involve real life applications


We will be warm and welcoming by:

*Greeting everyone with a warm smile and kind words.

*Providing opportunities for the community to visit

*Creating a relationship with families and students.


We will build self-esteem by:

*Offering positive feedback and praise

*Valuing time with students

*Giving all students an opportunity to be successful


 We will show respect for all by:

 * Creating an environment of understanding and acceptance

 * Sharing and following through with expectations

 * Highlighting the positive attributes of each learner