About Our School

Welcome to our Dirksen Primary School Website. As you visit the Dirksen Website we hope that you learn more about the nurturing and collaborative environment that is Dirksen Primary School. There are several important sections on this website that you may want to visit.

Dirksen Primary School has approximately 180 students in grades kindergarten through third. We have two sections of each grade. Dirksen School is located at 501 Maywood and is housed in the same building with Broadmoor Junior High School. The structure was originally built in 1976 and was Broadmoor Junior High School for students in 6th through 8th grades. In 1984,Dirksen Primary School was established in what had been Broadmoor’s 6th grade wing. While our schools share the same structure, we are two separate schools.

Dirksen Primary School was completely remodeled in 2009. The staff participated in the team effort to help design the “new” Dirksen Primary School. The goal was to have the best possible facility to support our students as they grow academically and socially. No detail was over-looked as we contemplated creating the best facility for Dirksen students. The Learning Center is at the center of our school and offers a variety of opportunities for children to learn. On any given day you are sure to find students in the Learning Center enthusiastically involved in a variety of academic activities. They might be using the computer lab, checking out books, participating in research activities, or sitting on a bench reading their favorite book. Teachers also use the Learning Center for guided reading books and assessment opportunities.

At Dirksen Primary School we are able to quickly get to know each student in our building. We want our children to feel comfortable and nurtured as they begin their academic careers. We hope you have the opportunity to visit our website frequently. We want to keep our families informed with the latest information regarding school activities and news. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

Melissa Beckham, Principal