Washington Learning Center

Learning Center Genre Study

To encourage students to read and learn about different types of books, the Washington School Learning Center conducts a Genre Study"  The students goal is to read 9 different genres and complete Teachers conference, a passing AR quiz, Genre Book Review, for each of the different genres.

How Students participate:

  • Choose one of the 16 genres to read

  • Complete Genre review (found on Learning Center Website under resources)

Important to remember:

  • If a student completes 3 genres by Oct 28th they will receive a pencil!

  • If a student completes 6 genres by Feb 25th, the students will receive a Tootsie Pop!

  • If a student completes 9 genres by May 5th, the student will be eligible for our Genre Celebration at the end of the year!

Happy Reading!!!

Genre Descriptions

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