About Our School

Wilson Intermediate School was dedicated in 1947 and named in honor of Fearn R. Wilson, former District 108 board member. The building was expanded to include intermediate grades as well as an early childhood center. A rededication was held in 2001 and the two structures were renamed the Fearn R. Wilson Campus. The newly constructed fourth, fifth, and sixth grade intermediate school houses nearly 650 students. Students are arranged in four teams comprised of two fourth, two fifth, and two sixth grade teachers. Each team also includes support personnel for special needs students. Physical education, music, art and learning center teachers also serve the students at Wilson.

Our school is family oriented and our goal is to provide all our students with the best education. Since Wilson use the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) model, our staff takes pride in having a strong core curriculum in all subject areas. Wilson has formed a professional learning community with staff collaboratively working together to research best practices for student engagement, meeting individual needs by scaffolding and differentiating instruction. Staff constantly collects and analyzes data to monitor student progress and make informed decisions so all student have access to a rigorous curriculum appropriate to student needs.  We also have invested a lot of resources into ongoing, job embedded professional development focus on student learning and growth.

Our school and district are currently working toward aligning the new Illinois Learning Standards and our curriculum. In order for this to occur we have trained all our staff on the “Understanding by Design” model (UBD). The purpose for this initiative is so our district can unpack the standards and design high quality units of study that identify the desired results. Since our school values our Professional Learning Community, we felt it was important that all staff help in the process so they truly understand the “why” and “how” behind implementing the new rigor and the instructional shifts that are associated with the standards. This process is also being used with other subject areas including Social Emotional, Physical Education, and Music which are unpacking National Standards for their specialized areas.

We understand that a student’s social emotional directly affects their academic success. If student’s basic needs aren’t met then learning cannot occur. Therefore, our staff has strived to create a safe learning environment. From our school improvement process we have implemented school wide expectations known as the “SCORE” code.  The SCORE code applies to all areas and facets of our building, representing Safety, Citizenship, Ownership, Respect and Etiquette.  We strive to recognize positive behavior by utilizing the SCORE code through recognizing students of the month, monthly positive behavior rewards, a school carnival and finally a trip to a local water park. 

Please continue to visit our website and if you would like to visit us please contact myself or Mrs. Fancher at our office at 309-477-4722 between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM.


Josh Norman, Principal

Kyra Fancher, Assistant Principal