Apply to be a Substitue Teacher, Paraprofessional, or Secretary

Substitute Application Process

The administration, staff, and Board of Education appreciate your interest to provide service to our students and teachers as a substitute in District 108.

We accept substitute applications for teachers, paraprofessionals and secretaries.  District 108 requires a completed online application AND the return of all required forms in the New Substitute packet (see the column at right for packet choices).  Please return your completed substitute packet forms to the Administration Office, 501 Washington Street. 

All substitute applicants will be placed in a pool of substitute candidates.  Applicants will be approved by the Board of Education and will be considered for employment as the needs for substitutes are determined.  You will be notified when you have been approved by the Board of Education.  Board approval will be for the current school year. 

District 108 uses Absence Management (formerly known as Aesop), an automated service that simplifies the process of managing absences and finding substitutes for teachers and paraprofessionals.  Absence Management is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed via internet and phone.  Secretary substitutes are not part of the Absence Management automated calling service.

If you have any questions regarding substituting in District 108, please contact the Administration Office at 309-477-4740.

Thank you,

Joe Franklin
Director of Human Resources
Pekin Public Schools District 108

Bring Completed Application Packets to:

Pekin Public Schools District 108
Administration Office
501 Washington Street
Pekin, IL  61554