Virus Protection Policy

Centrally provided virus protection software will be run on all district owned computers connected to the Pekin Public School District 108 network.

District Responsibilities

• Provide virus protection software and provide the means for the software to be updated on a regular basis. (directly connected computers)

• Keep operating systems on all district computers up to date.

• Monitor network use and initiate appropriate action when possible virus infection has occurred.

End-User Responsibilities

• Be certain virus protection software is functioning correctly. Virus Protection Software must be running at all times. Contact the Tech Center for assistance.

• Inform Tech Center staff when suspected infection occurs.

• Perform regular backups. Virus infection often destroys data on an individual’s computer. Contact the Tech Center for assistance if you are not sure how to backup your information.

Noncompliance or Virus Infection

First Instance

• The computer will immediately be disconnected from the network.

• The user will be informed either via phone call or email about the possible infection and the fact that they have been cut off from the network.

• An official memo will be sent to the user and their supervisor outlining the policy and the procedures.

• Computers connected internally to the network will be addressed by the Tech Staff. All viruses will be cleaned from the computer and all patches and updates will be applied. Any other services will be provided as needed.

Second Instance

The computer will be disconnected from the network. For direct connections to our network, the same steps as outlined above will be followed.


Adopted October 2004