If you have any questions regarding which retirement system you are currently using, please contact our offices and we can help you.

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund - IMRF

IMRF is the pension plan for our non-certified staff. The District pays the 4.5% member contributions, as well as the employer contributions for the staff enrolled in this program.

For those nearing retirement, or a few years out, please review the IMRF Retirement Checklist, found in the sidebar to the right.

These staff members may also participate in the Voluntary Additional Contribution program, offered through IMRF. With this program, you may have funds deducted from your paycheck to go into an account with IMRF. This is very similar to a savings account. Effective 1/1/2019, the interest rate for this program is 7.25%, credited to your account at the end of each year.  Find out more information by visiting the IMRF website at and searching VAC.

If you are interested in participating in IMRF's Voluntary Additional Contribution program, please complete the IMRF Voluntary Contribution Form, found in the sidebar to the right and return to the Business Office. 

Teacher's Retirement System - TRS

TRS is the pension system for our certified staff. The District pays the 9.0% member contributions for our contract staff, and a portion of the THIS or Teachers' Health Insurance Security Fund contributions. The District also pays employer portions for both TRS and THIS.

All certified staff and teacher substitutes must contribute to both TRS and THIS, regardless of their insurance participation status.

For those nearing retirement, there are TRS Retirement Checklists, found in the sidebar to the right. There is one for Tier 1, or those who contributed to TRS prior to 1/1/20211, and one for Tier 2, or those who started contributing to TRS on or after 1/1/2011.