Top Ten Reasons to Join a PDS

1. You have the opportunity to start off the school year with authentic experiences in the classroom.

2. You get to know the needs of your students before you actually begin student teaching.

3. You feel like a first year teacher without the stress of being one.

4. You have an advantage of a full year’s experience in a tough job market.

5. You get to be a student teacher on the weekdays and be a college student on the weekends. (It’s the best of both worlds).

6. You get to experience two different grade levels to work with instead of just one class.

7. You get more experience than any other choice of student teaching.

8. It is a slower progression to take over the classroom so it is not as overwhelming.

9. You read about classroom management for class and then experience it for yourself the next day.

10. PDS gives you the experience to be with your students from the first day of school until the last which allows you to pick up the classroom procedures quickly and to see major growth in the students.

11. It’s just 10 times better!