Fundraising Forms

District Fundraising Policy

  1. An ANTICIPATED FUND RAISING APPROVAL FORM signed by the school Principal and the fundraising company representative, if applicable, along with an example of all materials (e.g., letters, catalogs, order forms, etc.) to be distributed to students and/or the public must be submitted for approval to the Business Manager for each fund-raising activity. This applies to all fundraisers by any school, community group, either on or off school grounds, whether for school or community/charitable benefit.

  2. Dates for approved fund-raising projects must be cleared (prior to October 1 as a general rule, but not less than two weeks prior to the start of the fundraiser.

  3. The sole purpose of all fundraisers will be to raise money for specific school activities or community / charitable purposes.

  4. A school may have no more than one fund raiser in any school year.

  5. Tiered or incentive driven fundraisers are NOT allowed.

  6. Outside organizations will not be allowed to hold fundraisers in the school during the school day without prior approval by the Superintendent.

  7. All items and procedures used for fund raisers must be approved by the District Business Manager or Superintendent.

  8. Each school must submit a FUNDRAISER PROFIT/LOSS REPORT to the District Business Manager within five (5) school days of the end of each fundraising activity detailing the financial aspects of the campaign. Failure to do so may result in denial of future fundraisers.