GoGuardian Information

What is GoGuardian?  It unifies our filtering and classroom management into one place.  All students in grades 3 - 8 have accounts that are monitored by GoGuardian.  Anytime a student is logged in under their account on a Chromebook - GoGuardian is available to you.  When students are working from home and not on a Chromebook - it is important that they are logged in to the Chrome browser.  

GoGuardian Links to Help Center Articles

Start a Classroom Session

classroom session is the digital equivalent of a classroom period. When a classroom session begins, all enrolled students will automatically join. Once the students are connected, you will begin to see live screen data on the Screens view of your active classroom session. All session data is automatically recorded and will be archived and available for review at any point. 


  • Teacher Commands


    • Lock / Unlock Screen

    • Open Tab

    • Close Tab

    • Take a Snapshot

    • Exclude / Include Student

    • (Windows Only) Close App

    Lock / Unlock Screen

    The lock screen command will mute and disable all Chrome windows on your student's device. The command is designed to unlock at the end of the session, but if a student joins a new session before the first session ends, they will remain unlocked. 


GoGuardian Handouts

  • GoGuardian District 108 - Replaces Pages 1 - 7

    This document replaces the official handout from GoGuardian.  

  • GoGuardian Teacher Training Guide 2019

    This is the official training guide from the company.  Please IGNORE pages 1 - 7.  We sync our data and your students will already be rostered and assigned to you.  Please see the district created handout for instructions on how to move your class from Pending to Active.