NEW - Google Classroom Training

Welcome to Our Remote Learning Google Classroom Training Page

Welcome to our Google Classroom Training Page.  I have posted some great videos (created by Joanna Carroll) that have been broken down by topic.  There is also a link to Google's Teacher Center training materials and a pdf cheatsheet created by Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning.  

All students should be automatically rostered for you through Little SIS.  If you find that students are missing, please contact Angie Arnold.

Google Classroom Training Videos

Video - Google Classroom Training

Video 2 - Posting to the Stream

Video 3 - Create an Assignment

Video 3 - Create an Assignment V2

Video 4 - Creating a Playlist

Video 5 - Creating a Quiz

Video 6 - Classroom Engagement

Video 7 - Chrome Extensions for Students

Google Classroom Links

Google Classroom-PDF Cheatsheets

  • Kasey Bell - Shake Up Learning Cheatsheets

    Remember - we have automatic rostering through Little SIS.  You do not have to invite students or share a code with them.  If all of your students are not appearing in your class, please contact Angie Arnold.